Pioneer Inn
for these merits:

1. 36 rooms, 25 RV sites, Campsites
2. 20 Full size kitchennettes(24″ stove, large fridge) – long term stay options
3. Coin laundry room for guest
4. large parking lot for truck and trailer(almost 3.5 acres property)
5. 16 kitchen rooms have seperate living room and bedroom
6. Special dry room for wet boots, coates, clothes for worker and loggers
7. washing station for fishing boat and trailers
8. 5 min drive from BC ferry terminal(the nearest motel from ferry terminal)
9. Barbeque for guest use
10. unlimited free internet
11. pet friendly
12. Denture clinic and Toudai sushi restaurant on site
13. Ground floor and dormitary style room
14. 25 RV Sites open year round

RV sites, Campsites

Full size kitchennettes

Coin laundry

large parking

seperate living room

Special dry room

washing station

BC ferry termina


unlimited free internet

pet friendly

Toudai sushi restaurant


dormitary style room

25 RV Sites open year round

Attractions in Port Hardy